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Accessory - Foldable Bench for Mobile Saunas PS-750

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A Top Bench of a Two-Tier Set of Sauna benches. Also can be used as a camping table.

A reliable and compact bench that lets you enjoy Mobile Sauna on the best height in the Steam room. Easy to transport, perfect fits with Mobiba's tents.

Link to the Lower Bench


Size in the unfolded state: 1620x550x750 mm.

Size in transport condition: 810x550x95 mm.

Load: up to 300 kg

The special design of the legs prevents them from sinking into unstable ground or sand on the beach.


You will be excited by how every detail is meticulously designed with quality in mind. No cheap materials here, the Tent made of high quality fabric and aviation aluminum alloy (used in aviation and aerospace) and the Heater made of Stainless Steel.

Patented design that makes our brand unique.

Insured shipping to USA and CANADA.

Insured shipping to your home in the USA or Canada via DHL.

Why Mobiba?

The high quality of things and the whole experience of Mobiba products is confirmed by the Antarctic, Elbrus and the most sophisticated Sauna attendants.

Our Saunas are not inferior to the classic ones, but they definitely surpass the electric ones.

Numerous patents for the design of details will keep our products unrivaled for a long time.

Patented design that makes our brand unique!

  • Beautiful Mobiba

    Could you imagine, that you can become a lucky owner of your own SPA-Sauna resort with such an outstanding view behind the windows like from the most expensive penthouses?

    The resort with no Limits of use depending on electricity, weather, and place.

    Mobiba will Improve your travel with SPA therapy, relieve stress and melt your worries away with the live steam.

  • Insured shipping to USA and CANADA.

    Insured shipping to your home in the USA or Canada via DHL.